The Greatest Brad Pitt Videos

A River Runs Through It
A beautiful movie that takes place in Montana where in actuality the hills and trees are sprawling. Great acting all the way around and great pointing by Robert Redford.12 Monkeys
A selection with sci-fi fans, 12 Monkeys includes a twisted story which can be simple to lose track of. Proves, like many of his free movie sites without downloads, that Pitt doesn’t need certainly to play the pretty-boy.Se7en
What a fantastic film to be in, this is actually the role I believe different actors have to be jealous they did not get. A masterpiece by David Fincher.Fight Club
Another David Fincher success. Naturally Fincher and Pitt produce a great staff. Combat club could very well be within my top-five favorite best movie sites site to download free movies of them all. This kind of exciting movie and remarkable twist.Snatch
A great movie by Guy Ritchie that places Pitt as a traveling fraud man/gypsy. Fun to look at like every other Guy Ritchie movie.Ocean’s Eleven
The original, well not necessarily, that was a remake of the original. This one is simply better in most methods than other Oceans where can i stream movies online for free 2013.The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
I actually enjoyed this one. Brad Pitt was wonderful, but so was Casey Affleck. I think that is more of the story about Robert Ford than Jesse James. Affleck presents such a strong performance, the stress in this film is palpable.The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Probably my least-favorite on this list, but nevertheless great. He does not get much of an opportunity to fold his working muscles, but remains an interesting and entertaining story.Inglourious Basterds
One of Quentin Tarantino’s good works. The stress that was developed in the down-stairs bar scene was so strong I was sweating.